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Consolidating Money Trees – Session 7

Creating wealth through Real Estate (Land & Properties), Agri-business, Multi-level marketing and Time share options.

  • Venturing in long term income generating avenues that can be passive; Real Estate & Business, why be there?
  • Real Estate – Land and Properties
    • Why it is important to be a player and the established order of activity from leasing to outright ownership for renting. Why keep to a given order?
    • Who are motivated sellers, how do I get them and what are the sensitive issues in real estate business?
    • Why do they call speculating in undeveloped land, land banking which is high risk high return?
  • Business – Solving problems with convenience and empathy for a fee.
    • What are the core issues when thinking about getting into business
    • How do I generate and screen business ideas both at a personal and at a business level.
    • What are the viable ways to register a business and what are the many ways of getting money to finance my business?
    • What is AGPO (Access to Government Procurement Opportunities) and how can I tap in? Get an expert to take you there.
  • Other avenues -How to make more money in agri-business, tree farming, multi-level marketing and time share opportunities.
  • Why do they say “ Invest from the head not from the heart”?
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