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Planting Money Trees –¬†Session 5

Understanding investment fundamentals, investing in self to make more and avenues of investing with others (Sacco, Pension Schemes, Investment Clubs, Chaama etc.)

  • What is goal-oriented investing and why should we align our investments to our goals
  • What are the basic things that we need to know and do as we embark on our investment journeys? What happens when they are missed out?
  • Investment concepts that are key in choosing investments: Compound growth, risk & return, diversification, liquidity, cost averaging, inflation management, cost of delay and value of time.
  • Investing in self and the many ways of making money from your knowledge, skills, talents, hobbies, experiences, challenges and networks.
  • Investing in pools of accumulation with others. How to make more in chaamas, investment club, sacco, registered retirement scheme and insurance policies.
  • Self-discovery: The tools to use – they key to getting more from self.
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