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Getting more from every shilling –¬†Session 4

Effective income management strategies and tools: Expense tracking, budgeting, shopping sensibly, controlling debt, taking advantage of tax laws and smart living.

  • The essence of effective income strategies and the common pit falls that push us into the rat race.
  • Determining how much you make every month and who takes it from you.
  • Effective financial tools of making and monitoring budgets
  • What does it mean paying myself first and what is a freedom account?
  • The painful drain in shopping, bad debts and the credit card and how to take care of each.
  • What are tax laws giving you tax advantages and how to make use of them to get a 13th Cheque (More income).
  • The folly of get-rich-quick schemes, some insurance policies and failed personal stewardship in income management.
  • What is smart living and how do we make it a reality?
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