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How are my finances – Session 2

How can I measure my financial progress without comparing to others? How can I use debt to create wealth? Why is a personal financial safety net a must and how do I create one?

  • The importance of financial planning and the process to follow
  • How well am I doing financially? – The answer is a personal balance sheet.
  • Why do I need current, lifestyle and invested assets and what are they?
  • How can I use debt to create wealth? Good or bad debts?
  • What can push me into bad debts and how do I know the debts are straining my efforts?
  • How can I step out of the debtors den and what do lenders always look for before lending?
  • What is a contingency fund? Why do I need one urgently? How much do I need and why should I keep it?
  • What is the capital fence and on which side do I belong?
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