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The Wealth Creation Masterclass

Is the most practical, easy to apply, enlightening and life changing training program in the management of personal finances and investments.

Training Overview

Session 1

A Wealth Creation Mindset

How does my personality affect my financial life: spending, saving, investing, risk taking, decision speed etc. What are the financial issues at the various stages of life: Teenage to post retirement? Read More

Session 2

How are my finances

How can I measure my financial progress without comparing to others? How can I use debt to create wealth? Why is a personal financial safety net a must and how do I create one? Read More

Session 3

The big 5 budget items in life

Planning for the big budget items in life: Shelter, Tertiary education, retirement, holiday and business. Setting financial goals: Short, Medium and Long term. Read More

Session 4

Getting more from every shilling

Effective income management strategies and tools: Expense tracking, budgeting, shopping sensibly, controlling debt, taking advantage of tax laws and smart living. Read More

Session 5

Planting money trees

Understanding investment fundamentals, investing in self to make more and avenues of investing with others (Sacco, Pension Schemes, Investment Clubs, Chaama etc.) Read More

Session 6

Nuturing money trees

Making money with the help of experts in Shares, Forex Trading, Unit Trusts, Government Securities, REITS, Off-shore funds, venture funds and hedge funds Read More

Session 7

Consolidating money trees

Creating wealth through Real Estate (Land & Properties), Agri-business, Multi-level marketing and Time share options. Read More

Session 8

Protecting my wealth

Protecting myself and my wealth through proper records management, a healthy lifestyle, insurance and estate planning. Read More

Mr. Wahome goes on TV (GBS TV)~ 11am -12 noon on alternate teusdays to discuss different aspects of Personal Financial Development.Areas that will help you learn how to manage your finances.

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